Integrated Patient Appointment Booking

Integrated appointment scheduling combines appointments made by phone, in person, or online, into one master calendar. Advanced technology has made integrated appointment scheduling a reliable reality that is used by many healthcare professionals on a regular basis. Appointment booking systems that integrates multiple scheduling methods into a single calendar can be a huge benefit for patients and healthcare professionals. An integrated calendar enhances patient care and provides an organized flow of appointments. A fully integrated appointment booking system is a reflection of a successful modern practice.

Web-based appointment systems can fulfill the needs for integrated appointment scheduling. A comprehensive integrated appointment scheduling system fulfills the following criteria:

  • Integrates multiple scheduling methods into a centralized calendar;
  • Is HIPAA compliant and utilizes encrypted technology for privacy and security;
  • Is easily customizable to meet scheduling needs for individual practices;
  • Sends email notifications to patients for appointment confirmations and appointment reminders;
  • Sends patients email notifications for reminding them to make or maintain an appointment in the distant future;
  • Provides a secure backup that may be utilized when online access is not available;
  • Has a backup utility for maintaining an electronic trail that documents email confirmations, reminders, and recall;
  • ¬†Records appointments made on a retroactive basis with a verifiable digital imprint;

Several advanced integrated online appointment systems are available at no out-of-pocket cost for qualified healthcare professionals. Read more free online booking system.

An effective online integrated appointment booking system streamlines the scheduling process, reduces administrative costs, and reduces errors of communication. Patients enjoy the convenience of making appointments online when the office is closed. Integrated appointment scheduling saves time for office staff and patients because telephone-holding time is non-existent when appointments are made online. Practices save significant time, money, and resources, by eliminating many routine appointment booking telephone calls that are ordinarily handled by office staff.

Many online scheduling systems have intuitive user interfaces. Yet, an effective system is highly configurable and permits flexibility that is unique to each practice. Paper-based scheduling systems provide no visibility of the schedule to anyone other than the front office staff. An online system provides appointment scheduling capability to any network operator. Additionally, healthcare professionals may view their schedule from anywhere there is access to the Internet.